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Georgia Natural Gas Prices

Deregulated Natural Gas Prices 
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Just Energy 28.9 70.0 38.0 52.0 56.0 $5.95 CSC view offer or sign-up online
Georgia Natural Gas 29.9 53.9 53.9 56.9 -- Sign up today and Save! view offer or sign-up online
SCANA Energy 109.9 59.9 57.9 61.9 -- $6.95 CSC Variable Rate Plan (1-month intro) 39.9 --
Constellation Energy GA 89.9 59.9 45.9 -- -- $5.95 CSC --
FireSide Natural Gas 103.0 55.0 53.0 -- -- $5.95 CSC --
Gas South 39.0 49.0 59.0 -- -- Sign up today and Get $25 in bill credits! view offer or sign-up online
Infinite Energy 103.9 65.9 57.9 -- 63.9 $5.95 CSC view offer or sign-up online
North American Power & Gas 86.9 58.9 62.9 -- -- $5.95 CSC --
Stream Energy 98.8 50.8 46.8 -- -- $5.95 CSC --
True Natural Gas 98.4 45.9 44.2 -- -- $5.95 CSC --
Walton EMC Natural Gas 98.9 57.4 58.9 -- -- $5.75 CSC --

By default, the suppliers are sorted by the number of customers signed on this site.

  • No signup fees apply. Prices include utility administrative and compressor fuel charges.
  • Take note of differences in automatic renewal in the Term clauses.
  • April 1, 2017 Ontario Carbon Taxes:

  • Cap and Trade Customer Related Charge 3.3181 c/m3 (buried in the distribution charge)
  • Cap and Trade Facility Related Charge 0.0337 c/m3 (buried in the distribution charge)
  • Disclaimer: Energyshop provides prices on best efforts basis and is not responsible for errors.


    Companies above are licensed by the Ontario Energy Board.

    Questions? Go to our FAQs or post a question on the Ontario Natural Gas Price discussion forum.

    If you have a business or a group of related business using more than 50,000 m3 per year:  deregulated natural gas for your business.

    If you have been on a contract with a marketer that is coming to an end, make sure that you formally notify the marketer by responding to the renewal notice sent to you, or by sending a letter to the marketer! If you don't, you will likely be renewed automatically. More

    Regulated Atlanta Gas Light Rates

    *Note: The Gas Supply Charge is what will change when you contract with a gas marketer. Gas marketers now have the option to control the charge for Transportation instead of allowing the utility to charge this item. Not all marketers have taken over this charge.

    Unlike fixed rates from a gas marketer, when you purchase gas from the utility the rate is subject to change at any time by the utility and can change retroactively in an annual balancing calculation. In the tables above the Estimated Bill is the total that a customer would pay over a full year for the volume shown. To see how your bill will change with a fixed rate from a gas marketer, select a rate from the table at top and insert this rate into the light blue box above.

    Comparing and deciding among the various offers

    There are 2 decisions. The first is whether to continue with the utility's variable rate, which changes every 3 months and may have retroactive charges, or a fixed term rate with a marketer of 1-5 years. You can choose to lock in for a long period at a fixed rate, or choose totally variable rates and take your chances that rates won't go up. This decision depends on your budget and what you expect gas prices to do over the next few years. You can see the utility's current rate in the chart above.

    If you decide to go with a fixed price contract, your second decision is between marketers. Use our price chart to compare prices and features, and view the terms and conditions from each supplier.

    Learn more about deregulated gas markets and marketers.

    Regulated rates are not fixed rates, nor can they be

    In Ontario, the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) regulates utility rates. When market prices go up, utilities apply to the OEB to change rates. This is for future rates, but can they can also apply to make a retroactive charge! They can't offer fixed contracts. When you sign up with an energy marketer, you can avoid these unexpected rate changes. As you can see from the previous chart, marketers can offer you an arrangement to fit your situation.

    What's included in retail gas prices

    If you choose to buy from a gas marketer, your gas delivery won't change. You will still get a bill from your distribution utility which will indicate a Delivery charge and a Transportation Charge (usually the responsibility of your utility) - about 1/3 of your bill that goes to the utility, and a Gas Supply Charge - the remaining 2/3 that goes to the competitive gas supplier you chose. If you have rental equipment or a service contract, these will appear as well. The transportation charge is set by the marketer in Union Gas South territory and can also be the responsibility of the marketer in the Enbridge territory, depending on your contract with the marketer.

    Remember this split when comparing costs. Gas marketers offer rates on your Gas Supply charge, which is about 2/3 of your bill.

    Your utilities distribution rates are regulated by the Ontario Energy Board. As a result, when a promotional message claims a 10% saving, it is referring to 10% of the 2/3 controlled by the competitive supplier.

    Example: A typical annual gas bill is $1,200. One third of that, $400, is a regulated transportation and delivery charge. The remaining $800 is the gas supply charge. A competitive gas supplier is offering a 10% saving is offering a saving of $80, which is 10% of the $800 gas supply charge.